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“There was a police officer here in Charlotte, Anthony Stancil, who was working a second job as a security guard, filling in for someone one night. He had two kids and a pregnant wife. A shoplifter shot him in the face as the officer was trying to apprehend him over $11 worth of crab legs. We went on the air the next day and talked about it. We decided we would take the money out of our pockets and give it to the Anthony Stancil Fund. By the time we finished counting up the $57 we had among the five people in the room, a listener had called in to kick in $20.

“Somehow, we became Anthony Stancil Central. By 1pm that afternoon we had raised over $100,000. We later wrote them a check for about $210,000 that was collected within a week. The police had to shut down a lane of traffic outside because we had so many people in the building. It ended up on The Today Show. I think we cried the entire time. It was such an emotional day, to see a city react like that.” – Ace

Ace & TJ –

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